Monday, October 31, 2011


                                                            Codeword: Jesus

the coffin that I shared alone
encased just me .. the only one
there was no room for others there
just me, my hate, fear and despair

the silence echoed wall to wall
down each lonely darkened hall
but no one ever stopped to stare
and no one ever came to care ......

until one night in Hell's own pain
I cried 'my God'
the name I said
was Jesus

in that instant, shackles broke
He touched my heart, and I awoke
to find my coffin rearranged
into an altar ... I was changed !

in that moment, time stood still
the codeword: Jesus
brought His will

                                                      © ingrid havens-trinka
                                                       First Place Rhymed Verse Poetry Kansas Authors' Contest 1985


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  1. Pawsome, Aunty Ingrid. And so deserved of first place *appaws*