Monday, February 20, 2012

... a message from the Bridge

I would know your voice
if I slept a thousand years 
the sound of it would wrestle down
the greatest of my fears

I would know your voice
over waterfalls of pain
I would travel days on end
to see you once again

But I have crossed
and you are left
to wait for that bright day
when I see you coming home ...
we'll run, we'll sit .. we'll play

It will seem like seconds passed
since last you hugged me tight
Sleep sweet, my master
I will wait.
Sleep sweet in Rainbow's light.

ingrid trinka ©2012


  1. That is so beautiful Ingrid. Just beautiful,.

  2. Milly's mummy - IreneApril 13, 2012 at 12:39 PM

    Thank you so much this is truly beautiful. It has helped to release my tears. I shall treasure it always xxxx

  3. That is so so beautiful thank you so much for those amazing words... They have comforted our broken hearts so much!!!

  4. That is so beautiful Ingrid xoxo

  5. That is so beautiful, and so very true. *hug*

  6. Simply beautiful. Plucked my heartstrings. Gabby

  7. Nan's favourite poem, Aunty Ingrid *face licks*

  8. Miss you dearly Ingrid. So many times I was ready to send you an email to tell you something, then remembered you are in heaven and your email won't reach there. Love you forever.